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Paint for Earth
Fundraiser Party

Your Canvas, Your Party, Your Favorite Non-profit!

Host your own Paint for Earth Fundraiser Party. This is a fun activity for you and your friends to learn how to paint with your favorite local non-profit, Before It’s Too Late!


Our painting parties are a two-hour group painting lesson led by our talented instructor Louisa Nolan. Immerse yourself in her world of vibrant colors and emotive brushstrokes. Join us for an Earth-themed painting experience that will leave you and your guests with a masterpiece you'll be proud of.

Let your brush be a catalyst for positive change. Book Now!

Choose Your Painting!

Choose from ten different options for your group’s painting. You can also choose your own image for an extra fee of $100, provided it is environmentally themed and is simple enough to be completed by beginner painters within three hours.

Party Agenda

The instructor will arrive 30 minutes early to set up. The first hour is dedicated to painting, followed by a 15-minute break. The second hour is for completing the paintings and returning supplies.

Party Capacity: Minimum of 10 people, maximum of 25 people

What We Provide:

Painting supplies: tabletop easels, table covers, paint, paint brushes, canvases, rags, aprons

What You Provide:

  • Location, Tables and Chairs to accommodate guests

  • Television with HDMI output recommended

  • Food and Drinks 

  • We encourage you to set up the space in a creatively inspiring way


Full payment is required to secure your booking. You will be asked to provide a credit card on file, which will be charged the balance after the event. All proceeds go to support Before It's Too Late’s mission to provide environmental education in Florida.

  • Adults: $50 per person

  • Students: $35 per person (student ID required)

  • Students attending Title 1 schools: $25 per person (student ID required)

  • Travel Fee (if over 30 minutes): Additional $50 

  • Travel Fee (if over 1 hour): Additional $100

  • We also gratefully accept donations that exceed the minimum price

Book Your Party

Book your party by filling out our online booking form. Please book your party at least one week in advance and up to two months in advance.

Jamie Louisa Nolan

Art Instructor

Louisa Nolan is a talented painter studying at New World School of the Arts (NWSA). Louisa’s artistic style brings a feeling of nostalgia to her viewers while romanticizing small moments in life.


The subject matter, use of color, and movement in her work makes the viewer feel like they are viewing a beautiful memory caught in time. She describes her chosen subject matter as “little things we cannot live without,” encouraging herself and others to live slowly in order to appreciate and truly connect with the little moments in our lives.

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About Before It’s Too Late

Before It’s Too Late (BITL) is a nonprofit artist collective based in Miami dedicated to building public awareness and inspiring community action towards a more sustainable world. Using art and technology, BITL produces visually stunning and interactive experiences such as public art murals, art events, school programs, augmented reality games. BITL collaborates with local artists, schools, city governments, other nonprofits, and green businesses to build impactful programming that engages diverse communities and creates empathy and connection to nature. 


We created the Paint for Earth themed painting parties as a fun way to engage with our community while funding our mission. Can we change hearts, minds and actions #beforeitstoolate?      

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